We offer you a wide range of veterinary services for your pets. Please contact us for an appointment.

Complete veterinary care

Veterinary services in Monroe, MI to ensure a better life for your pet

For well-rounded, complete care that helps dogs and cats stay healthy for life, we recommend a variety of services including:
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Pet Wellness Packages

Our wellness packages for dogs and cats make their year-round, routine care more affordable and manageable.

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Pet Dental Procedures

At our animal clinic in Monroe, MI, we offer cat and dog teeth cleaning so your pet can lead a happy, healthy life for as long as possible.

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Dog & Cat Vaccinations

Vaccines are the most effective method for stopping the spread of disease and protecting your pet from infection.

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Pet Wellness Exams

Due to their accelerated aging process, it’s important for your veterinarian to see them annually (at least) for a complete checkup.

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Pet Spay & Neuter

Spay and neuter surgeries are the most common routine surgeries we provide at our clinic, and for good reason.

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Pet Surgery

At Suburban Animal Clinic of Monroe, our veterinarian and support staff can perform many different soft tissue surgeries.

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In-House Diagnostics

Suburban Animal Clinic uses advanced and reliable diagnostic tools to fully assess and understand the health of pet.

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Pet Euthanasia

When beloved dogs and cats near their life’s end, we consider it a privilege to help them pass on in peace and dignity.