In-House Diagnostics Veterinary Services in Monroe, MI

Suburban Animal Clinic uses advanced and reliable diagnostic tools to fully assess and understand the health of dogs and cats.

In-House Diagnostics for Dogs and Cats

Suburban Animal Clinic of Monroe uses advanced and reliable diagnostic tools to fully assess and understand the health of dogs and cats. Physical exams are a great start, but they only yield so much information. With blood, urine, fecal testing, ultrasound and digital radiography, we can learn so much more. Underlying conditions can be detected and treated more efficiently, and we can confirm that healthy-looking pets are, in fact, healthy. Those are just a few ways in-house diagnostics benefit our patients and clients.

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Aiding Pet Exams with Our Lab Testing Equipment

We can perform a variety of essential lab tests to support your pet’s care. With our advanced equipment we can test blood, urine, and fecal samples and get results in minutes. This is especially critical when we need to provide timely treatment for pets with urgent medical conditions.

In addition to helping pets that are ill, testing is also important for healthy dogs and cats. They should undergo blood and fecal testing once a year to screen for disease, parasites, and signs of infection. Our goal is to give your pet a clean bill of health and help you maintain their impeccable condition.

Taking Exams Further with Radiography

With radiography (X-ray), we can find and/or diagnose:

  • Joint damage/inflammation
  • Bone fractures
  • Abnormal soft tissue conditions such as tumors
  • Skeletal deformities
  • Abnormalities of the lungs and heart
  • Foreign bodies

X-ray is non-invasive and painless, and can go a long way towards helping us find the right treatment for your pet. We often recommend routine X-rays for elderly pets that are prone to heart issues and/or arthritis.

large dog outdoors
large dog outdoors

Taking Exams further with ultrasonography

We can find:

  • Masses or tumors
  • Areas of inflammation
  • Free fluid
  • Pregnancy confirmation
  • Obtain samples such as urine